Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ryan Shawcross Update

Earlier in the week Ryan Shawcross was linked with a £20 million package move to Italian giants Juventus.  Recently Shawcross tweeted this on Social Network site Twitter.

"RShawcross87   To all the people asking me to sign for their clubs, i appreciate it but I am currently very happy at stoke and have no intention of leaving "

I'm sure many Stoke fans will be rejoicing at this news.


  1. no offense but if Juventus came in for me id be off... I think it would enhance his chances of playing for England and improve him as a player... but that's me talking as a neutral

  2. I don't think it would help his England chances any, for instance look at Owen when he went to Real Madrid, but you couldn't knock the lad if he decided to take up the offer.
    I don't think he will though having settled and just had a newborn, I think he will be at Stoke till at least the summer.

  3. i think he will stay, he's at home at stoke. But career wise i think that Owens move was different because he was competing with Raul, Morientes and Ronaldo for a place in the starting 11, with Juve they're looking for a partner for Chiellini who I think would make a decent partnership with Shawcross.